What I Believe

  1. I believe in asking myself "What do you want?" every night before I go to sleep. Obtaining what you want is simple; all it takes is having a clear vision of what it is you want. Once you know what you want, all there is left to do is ask yourself "What can I do to accomplish this?"
  2. I believe that the rate of perceived passage of time is something that can and should be controlled. Controlling this is simple; it is a matter of focus.
  3. I believe that if a person is the first one to come across something that needs to be fixed, if it is convenient, he or she should fix it then and there. If it can't be fixed then and there, the next possible chance to obtain whatever is needed to fix it should be taken.
  4. I believe that when someone talks crap about someone else, it shouldn't affect how others talk about them or act around them until they experience this person doing disagreeable things first hand. I believe that when this happens, it causes a domino effect.
  5. I believe that you should approach a problem with the assumption that there is a(n elegant) solution. Think about it; someone gives you a problem, "You have a box of tacks and a candle. How do you put the candle up high on the wall to light up the room?" You come to the conclusion that there is no way to tack a candle to a wall and say so. The puzzler responds, "There IS a way to do this." With the belief that there is a way to solve this, you approach the problem from many angles. The amount of energy being used to come up with reasons that this problem is impossible is now focused towards coming up with a solution. Why not use this extra problem solving magic towards all problems?
  6. I believe that the notion that you are too old to learn something is ridiculous. The reason it seems as though kids can learn things better is because all they do with their time during the day is work on assignments with deadlines. If all a person has to think about is completing one project at a time in an organized fashion, he or she can pick it up with just as much ease.
  7. I believe that a person can change virtually anything about him or herself. This can be accomplished through conditioning; assessing when and why he or she acts or thinks a certain way, then gradually eliminating these occurances.
  8. I believe that a person should almost never be bored. When I am at the airport, at a bus stop, standing in line, walking somewhere, spending time with someone who doesn't have much to say, I relish in the spare moment to practice various things. The airport or a bus stop in particular are great because there are bored people sitting around, so I practice juggling or something and then I'm not the only one less bored!
  9. I believe that I should be able to do anything well right off the bat. If I can't, I should be able to anyway, and won't be satisfied until I can.
  10. I believe that it is counter productive to discuss how someone or something has done something wrong. Why not instead discuss possibilities for improvement? I believe that this simple communication technique would solve the vast majority of small societal problems.