The Ultimate Headbanging Headset Holder

This is a movie I made over the summer after freshman year (Nuh Uhn Oozhaa). It's been in two film festivals and actually won an award at one of them. Enjoy.

Boating Experts

I won the "Wanna Be A Star?" contest at the First Sundays monthly comedy film festival. Casmir Nozkowski directed it. It was an awesome experience.


Whenever one of my family members on my Mom's side gets married, it's tradition for the Godmother to create a skit making fun of the bride and groom. My cousin met her fiance on eHarmony and I helped out by creating this video.

The Episode

This is a remake of one of my earliest videos originally entitled "Homework Late At Night". I made the original with my webcam waaay back when. Based on a true story!

Don't Cut School

This is a movie I made in my Media/TV class during my junior year of high school. Mr. Clayton, you're so awesome. :D